This is my third attempt at how to approach this idea floating around in my head. I've decided not to try to convince you of the truth of this statement but I do want to elaborate on it. I think many of us could use this reminder and if it resonates with you, read on.

We can so easily fall into the idea that we constantly need to 'fix' something. That we need to be more productive, more efficient and that money will create the security we can't seem to find otherwise.

Here's the truth: When these beliefs are boiled down, we find that fear is at the root of them. We discover small or massive ways that fear is our motivator for moving forward in life. We choose vocations based on what will make us the most financially 'secure'. Or we have lists of accomplishments that need to be check-off before we will do something we enjoy. We fear not being good enough.

You know what? Fear is an illusion. I'm not talking about the primal fears which last for less than one minute and are key to our survival. I am talking about the fear that rest in the back of your head, consistently guiding your daily decisions. THAT fear, is bullshit.

We are here to evolve the human experience. We are here to be the most authentic version of ourselves we can be. We are here to be of service to others and to receive the service when it comes our way. Our nature is to love and we were born to shine so that others can see the beauty of life illuminated.

So, why has nothing gone wrong even when it feels that way? Why do some choices feel like mistakes? Why do things fall apart? Because every action we take builds us. It shapes our knowledge. It creates opportunities for others to help us. It opens doors we never thought to stand in front of. All choices and actions lead to evolution. Evolution of ourselves and, in turn, the world. As we begin to look from a bigger perspective, we can see how our past has shaped our present and then we can apply that perspective to how our present is shaping our future.

If you find yourself judging your current state of being or choices, sit back, take a deep breath and see the perfection in where you are. Have a bit more compassion for yourself. No, actually, have more than compassion- have Gratitude and Love and a big fat smile on your face for the perfect being you are. Since we are all connected, the way that you see yourself will then be the way you see others.

Have Gratitude and Love and a BIG FAT SMILE for everyone you see.

This is it. This moment. Be at peace.