As I write this post, I am sitting in my backyard with a puppy on my lap surrounded by beautiful plants. Not a bad place to write about meditation, eh?

Because of my meditation practice I am able to appreciate these moments so much more than I would have without the practice. I may be preaching to the converted or to the newly curious but I’ll share my personal reasons and perhaps it will shed new light or raise your interest.

Writing about meditation just won’t do justice to the actual experience- It’s like reading about sex or talking about dancing. It is a very personal experience and you need to try it for yourself to get a fuller understanding. But here’s why I meditate and feel so passionately about it’s affects.

 1)   It hits the ‘Reset’ button.

When I feel frazzled, overwhelmed or even just a bit off center, I know that if I sit down and simply watch my thoughts, as crazy as they seem, I can begin to recognize that I HAVE thoughts not that I AM the thoughts. By doing this I can look at what I am thinking without attachment or judgment and make a conscious decision to change my patterns of thinking. This does not happen overnight but over time it becomes easier. In that regard, I hit the button and begin again.

 2)   It helps me see the bigger picture.

It is so easy to get caught up in the minutia of my daily life, living for my own small, in the moment, needs. When I am able to get to a deeper state of meditation I can feel and see how truly interconnected we are. I can see how my actions impact others and how every interaction has an affect on the people involved. I can see the bigger picture of life when I am calm and centered, without a list of tasks at the forefront of my mind. I can see how all my past experiences built on each other to lead me to this point in my evolution. I become grateful for the moments of pain and challenge. It’s a beautiful life when viewed from a broader perspective.

 3)   It inspires me.

I love the act of creating- whether it’s building a new business, writing, drawing or simply contemplating new ideas and integrating them into my life. There are times when the inspiration to create just isn’t there. Those times when life feels dull and uninspiring is when it’s most beneficial for me to find new ways to meditate. I may decide to do a walking meditation or a chanting meditation or a free-form writing meditation. Freeing up my idea of what meditation needs to be opens me up to be inspired in other areas of life.

I have been in meditations in which I suddenly felt the need to stop and write down an idea or, other times, I have found myself laughing during a meditation when I realized a simple solution to a problem that had been on my mind. I become connected to my deeper consciousness that seems to always have the answers.

 4)   It helps me trust myself.

Second guessing myself was standard practice for a big part of my life. Was I on the right career path? Did my relationship fulfill me? These were constant concerns. This isn’t to say that all self-doubt is gone but through meditation I have found answers within myself. Acting on those instincts and seeing how they repeatedly benefit me has lead me to trust my gut, my intuition and personal ‘knowing’.

These are just a few of the many personal reasons I meditate. I find peace, understanding of self and compassion for others, inspiration and energy. On days that I don’t meditate, I can seriously feel it. When I make it a daily ‘non-negotiable’ it continues to bring me to deeper states of love and continues my evolution on a conscious level.

I have seen the affects that it has had on other people in my life as well. Each person finds their own reasons and discovers more about themselves in the process.

What might you discover if you begin sitting still and observing?