"Watch your mouth!" My mom would always say this if I "sassed" her or used a word that was less than kind. Now that I'm an adult, I pretty much say whatever the hell I want (though I just couldn't type the other word I wanted to use in that sentence). So, yeah, I'm a liberated adult that can say whatever he wants but what I say - what WE say- has it's repercussions. We all know the consequences of saying something that can hurt someone else but I am talking about the impact our words can have on ourselves.

We tend to have our beliefs about the world and our place in it pretty well set by the time we're into adulthood and, without much thought, we tend to use our words pretty lazily. In our conversations we rehash what the standard cultural narrative is about love, money, success, health, etc. and we reaffirm those beliefs for ourselves because it's easy to thoughtlessly talk. But here's the thing - Changing our conversations and offhanded comments can literally change our lives!

Once we take note of what we are actually saying, we can decide if it is what we truly believe or if it is the type of experience we want to have in the world. Have you ever noticed how two different people can experience the same moment and have completely different perspectives on it based on their view of the world? No matter what your life experience has been, this perspective is malleable. You can decide what kind of world you want to live in and talk it into being! I have done this firsthand and seen it done with many clients, students and friends.

Noticing what we are saying is step numero uno: An easy place to start is conversations around money. Are you continuously stating how hard it is to make money? Then, yeah, it probably will be because that is all you can see - the challenges.

Giving yourself new talking points is step two: Once you see that you are talking from that perspective and investigate whether you want that reality, you can play around with new phrases that back up the beliefs you want to cultivate, like "I'm inspired by all of the growth that is happening in this city. There is so much potential for new businesses like mine."

Simply changing your statements will begin to affect your beliefs but this doesn't happen all at once. It took time to learn these ingrained ideologies and it takes time to shift the mindset but it absolutely can be done. And when the shift begins to happen, you will notice how your life begins to open up to new ideas, how new types of people will show up in your life, and how the people you've known for a while begin to interact with you differently. Your world shifts to match you new beliefs.

Watch your mouth and then watch your world change! Then tell me all about it!