Over the last few years I have shared some of my thoughts following personal meditations on social media. I thought I would share one of them with you here. These are thoughts on meditation; trying to put words to what we learn about our being through meditation. I hope you enjoy.

When we choose to slow ourselves down long enough, we hear. What do we hear? We hear peace and we hear love coming from a place that is not our heads, not our minds and not the outside world. We hear this from our hearts. We hear the truth of who we are calling, ever so faintly to us. It says- I am here for you. I have never left you. I am waiting for you to be still and notice that I am. This vulnerable, loving, peaceful and strong voice is the center of your being. It always has been and will be.

This is your truth that never leads astray. This voice is the way to the peace we desire yet fill with habits that we believe will fill the void. We seek and seek outside until we are tired and lose faith that there is anything other than the disappointment we see in the outside world. When we give up the way we think life is or should be, we can begin to hear the voice that has been there all along.

We have begun the path back to the heart where all is well, no matter the circumstance. This is who we are, that voice, that stillness and that peace.

You may read this and feel the truth of the words but not understand them. You are hearing that voice for the first time. Begin developing that relationship by listening each day. Stop, listen and be lead by this truth that is only yours.

With love and power, Ryan.