I went through a period of only wanting to feel good. I thought that if I only focused on feeling good I wouldn't be affected by the negative. There is truth to the fact that we create our experience but the perspective that 'negative' emotions are to be shunned leaves too many of us feeling crazy when those moments come.

So here's what I've found (and continue to learn): We are continuously evolving beings whether we are conscious of it or not. If we are consciously evolving we seek meaning in our experiences, we look for lessons and signs to assist ourselves in navigating the future. As we do this we begin seeing threads of connection between ourselves and others. We see connections between the lessons we've lived and the intuition we have. We find ourselves looking to teachers or friends that can assist in our understanding of who we are and why we are here. This is the beginning of an awakening. Some people may find this wording uncomfortable because it suggests that they may have been asleep. There is no judgement of where we all are on our paths but there is a period when we know that what we've been doing isn't working anymore. We feel the discontent in our gut. The things that we have done to numb this discontent don't seem to do the trick anymore. We know that there is a higher purpose to our lives. That is a beautiful thing but it can seem scary at first.

I say all of this because... When we feel negative emotions, go through a painful experience or just feel subtle discontent we are being asked to be there for ourselves. To not run away from the feelings but allow them to lead us to a better understanding of who we are. To grow.

No matter what stage we are in in our evolution we will feel down. At times, it is the person who has done the most work on understanding and evolving themselves who feels the negative experience the most. They know how it feels to be aligned with purpose, to be connected to universal energy, to be the best version of themselves. So when they aren't connected and aligned it feels awful.

Through my own experience, I have learned (am learning) that on the other side of those moments are when my biggest growth happens. It's cliche but true- we have to be able to recognize the dark to truly recognize the light. There is nothing without some form of contrast.

When we feel 'off', sad, upset, overwhelmed, tight and bound up- it is an opportunity to learn. It is a chance for us to accept the moment to see how we play a part in it, to ask the questions we might not have asked. It is our chance to find the light and open up. When we see that light and feel the openness again we are stronger for finding our way. We have new insights, a deeper sense of purpose and clarity.

Know that any time you consciously accept the moment as a lesson those dark moments become huge catalysts for change. Then you can welcome them without fear.

Be brave, be loving, be curious.