What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is about empowering you to possess the mindset, health and attitude to move forward in areas of your life that feel stuck. I want you set on a path that not only changes your life but ripples that change into the world through the incredible example of your life lived fully.



Lifted Coaching (in person)

A weekly one-on-one, high-energy experience that takes place at the Lifted studio. During each 90-minute session, we continue to use exercise and meditation but expand on them by mapping out your ideal life and then strategically take you there, step by step. After an intensive workout and centered mindfulness your mind and body are in a peak state and in perfect harmony which is the most effective time to start shifting and creating new thought patterns as well as build on your current successes to create a new mindset of possibility.


Life Coaching (remote)

A weekly one-on-one session via phone or Skype. These 60-minute conversations are designed to move you forward in areas of your life that feel stuck. As your coach, it is my job to hold your highest potential in mind and ask you empowering questions that help you tap into your own inner wisdom. We will then create a plan of action to help you achieve the life you have dreamed of!

Lifted Coaching (in person)

"I had never worked with a coach before working with Ryan, and I wasn't entirely convinced before starting the process that I'd see results.  But I DID!  My goal was to figure out how to have better work/life balance and take better care of myself.  My time with Ryan helped me identify some key action steps and new ways of thinking to help me accomplish my goal.  I was able to see that I already knew how to take care of myself, but I wasn't really listening to myself because I was too "busy" and distracted by other things.  

The combination of exercise and meditation before the coaching was quite magical.  I think the combination creates a bit of space from the "normal" day and opened me up to being more present and more creative.

I really appreciate how all of the action steps I took were clearly based on my priorities and things I said that I valued... nothing felt forced, but it also wasn't necessarily easy.  Knowing that I was going to be held accountable each week helped drive me to completing my homework.  At the same time, I felt supported and not judged.  

If you're looking for a way to move toward positive change in your life, and if you want a spirit-grounded coach to help you get there, Ryan may be your guy!"

–Benjamin M

Life Coaching (remotely)

"During my life coaching session with Ryan I felt really safe which allowed me to not only divulge my self-talk but to be very receptive to his feedback and suggestions. I initially wanted to spend time - a lot of time - telling him about a situation that I was still feeling resentment towards a year later. But to my surprise, he did some crazy uplifting Jedi mind trick and we never got to deep dive into that situation. Instead, the focus was on building a road map to creating my wildest dreams - my own coaching services. He was so uplifting and really held space for me. Thank you, Ryan, for putting the mirror in front of me and reminding me of just how phenomenal I already am."

–Jenny P


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